The Power of Data: How to Turn Numbers Into Business Insights

The average small or medium business manages 47.81 terabytes of data, according to HubSpot, and that number is rising rapidly. If you printed all that data out, it'd be about one and a half billion pages — more, in fact, than printing out all of Wikipedia. Fortunately (since no one has a filing cabinet that can accommodate a billion anything), today’s savvy business owners can collect data digitally.

But collecting data is just the first step. What you do with that data can be the key to profitability, efficiency, and growth.

How do you want to be able to use your data?


Aggregate It

I want my data summarized in one place, so I can understand what it means.  


Automate It

I want my data to automatically get to the right people and places and integrate with other software systems.