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How 6 Companies Changed Their Business Trajectory With Mobile Work Orders & Invoices

If you're one of the thousands of companies with employees in the field, you know what a hassle it can be to manage paper work orders, service orders, and invoices. Multiple field service employees handling a half-dozen — or more — jobs per day adds up to a lot of paper forms to be tracked, keyed into computer systems, and filed.


Switching from paper to mobile work orders and invoices offers significant benefits, including higher productivity, improved customer satisfaction, and more. Here’s a look at five of those benefits — proven by six real-life success stories.


Quick Employee Deployment and Adoption

No technology is an effective solution if your employees can't or won't use it.


Cost Savings

Every minute spent filling out paper forms or waiting for a physical form to return to the office is money left on the table.


Happy Customers, Happy Business

Paper = errors and delays. Errors and delays = unhappy customers. Lose the paper, lose the errors — and say hello to customers who sing your praises.


Better Margins

Switching from paper to mobile isn't just about saving money — it also adds up to higher profits and, ultimately, better margins.


Improved Labor Utilization

Help your employees do the work they're best at — without getting bogged down in paperwork, inefficient driving routes, or other time-wasters.