Benefit #5

Improved Labor Utilization

Help your employees focus on the work they're best at — without getting bogged down in paperwork, inefficient driving routes, or other time-wasters.

Get a Fuller Picture of Your Business

Allied Air was using paper forms for inventory management, customer information, and billing. Employees were also manually scheduling jobs. But after switching to GoCanvas, the company can schedule, assign, and track the completion status of jobs in real-time. This lets company VIPs get a fuller picture of what's being done every day, quickly schedule emergency jobs, and see which technicians are completing their jobs on time.

Mobile Forms Help You:

  • Reduce the burden of manually writing out work orders and invoices
  • See where and when jobs are being completed in real-time
  • Free up your staff for more important tasks or additional jobs

Kevin Budinger, vice president of Allied Air, said, “With this solution, I can see exactly what happens each day and manage our business more effectively.”

But That's Not All

Let Field Techs Stay In the Field

At food service company HAFSCO, technicians using the company's paper-based timecard system would have to drive to the office simply to clock in and out, a process that wasted everyone's time. They'd also have to drive to the office to turn in work orders and invoices, which often got lost before they made it there. With GoCanvas, mobile timecards now allow the techs — who work across five states — to track their time from anywhere, eliminating a wasted trip.

Prevent Wasted Trips

According to research from Internet of Things company PTC, manual processes cause dispatching mistakes to happen frequently. A tech is sent to the wrong address, or the right address with the wrong part, because the dispatcher misread a work order or didn't have it on hand. Mobile forms and invoices eliminate that confusion.

Make It Happen

Your employees, whether they're artisans building custom cabinets, repair experts servicing complicated equipment, or construction workers who are building new houses, are experts in their trade — that's why they work for you. Free them up to do their best work by freeing them from paperwork.

Requiring too much time from field workers

Requiring your workers to complete paper forms in the field — in addition to delivering them to the office on a regular basis — can keep them from being as productive as possible. GoCanvas mobile work orders and invoices minimize the time it takes to input required information.

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Lost forms or errors due to miscalculations

When completing work orders or invoices on paper, it’s easy to miscalculate totals or misplace the form on the way from the job site to the office. That can eat into your profit margins. GoCanvas mobile work orders and invoices provide automated calculation, so you don’t have to worry about miscalculations.

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Slow scheduling or delayed follow-up jobs

Delays in scheduling jobs or follow-ups can cause a hit to your customer satisfaction ratings. Today, customers want quick, convenient scheduling options. With GoCanvas mobile work orders and invoicing, you can immediately schedule new jobs or follow-ups, which can boost customer satisfaction.

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