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Benefit #1

Quick Employee Deployment and Adoption

No technology is an effective solution if your employees can't or won't use it. Mobile work orders and invoices must be quick to deploy and easy for field workers to adopt.

Teaching Old Employees New Tricks

Workers can be nervous about embracing new processes, especially if it involves unfamiliar technology. In fact, according to 
IBM research
, “implementation issues” and “lack of skills of potential users” are two of the highest barriers to technology implementation, behind only cost and the lack of certainty of an ROI.
No company knew this better than 
Service Electric Co.
, an electrical contractor based in Tennessee. Service Electric, established in the 1940s, was understandably concerned about the process to move away from paper, but was also frustrated by the manual, paper-based reporting processes that made back-office employees’ jobs nightmares. 
When Service Electric planned to finally ditch paper processes, it chose GoCanvas for its ease of use. The company took time upfront to establish a solid implementation plan, and after a short testing and feedback phase, successfully rolled out the GoCanvas platform to 300+ technicians across the United States. Despite the brand new technology the employees had to learn and adopt, the company immediately began seeing benefits. Reports were being returned on time, without getting lost, misplaced, or delayed.

Choose user-friendly software

Yes! Functionality is critical, but even more so is user-friendliness, according to experts at consulting firm Bain & Company. GoCanvas is about as user-friendly as you can get, with no coding necessary to change your apps on the fly.

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Sell employees on the benefits

Correct! Technology should make life easier, not just for you but for your employees as well. Mobile work orders and invoices can reduce paperwork hassles for front-line employees and help your business get paid sooner.

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Start with influencers

Yes! There will always be employees who are more excited about implementing new technology. Experts at Capgemini consulting point out that if you can get some employees aboard as “early adopters,” they can help train any holdouts.

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Benefit #2: Cost Savings

Every minute spent filling out paper forms or waiting for a physical form to return to the office is money left on the table.