4 Steps to Prepare for OSHA Safety Inspection

Avoid fines and violations: Here's how to be ready for OSHA

  • Understand OSHA’s inspection priorities and most-cited hazards
  • Develop safety checklists unique to your business
  • Put an OSHA inspection plan in place
  • Know what to do on inspection day — and after
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Are you ready?

Plenty of owners of small- and medium-sized businesses find the prospect of having an Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) inspection scary, especially since the agency is now inspecting businesses from bakeries and liquor stores, to construction companies, tire stores, and performing arts companies.

But you can be ready for OSHA.

Knowing what to expect, and using some easy-to-use technology, can help even small- and medium-sized businesses without large safety budgets feel like they are equipped if OSHA comes calling.

Here are four steps you can take to prepare for OSHA inspections, and avoid fines and violations.

Step 1

Become familiar with OSHA’s most-cited hazards

Are you addressing these “trouble spots” in your company?

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Step 2

Develop safety checklists

Mobile checklists can help you organize data and minimize response time.

Step 3

Create an OSHA inspection plan

Know what is required and who should be involved.

Step 4

Know what to do on inspection day

OSHA rarely lets you know they’re coming. Five things to do if they show up.


Did you know that there were 7,720 OSHA fall protection violations in 2018?

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Did you know that there were 1,972 machine guarding violations in 2018?

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Did you know that there were 4,552 hazard communications violations in 2018?

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